Online learning is no longer the poorer option

We love to teach in a real-life environment. But with this platform, we have found a way of bringing the learning to you as well as if you were here - BUT - with features we can't have in that environment. We believe this may in fact be a better way to learn new material and to ensure you are able to use it immediately afterwards in your clinical setting.

UK GCC requirements for CPD

How to get your "Learning With Others" points

We have had confirmation from the GCC that time spent 'live' on an online video call with one or more colleagues viewing a recorded online course at the same time. Any time you spend after this discussing the learning will also count - and usually improve your learning too! A screen shot of this event should suffice as proof as well as the name(s) of your colleagues on the call. We have set up a Facebook group to facilitate contact between those who couldn't convince a friend or colleague to buy one of our excellent courses.


The questions you are likely to have - because others asked them too

  • How long do I have access to the courses?

    With each of our courses, you get the presentation of the material but also access to all other learners who have sat - or will be sitting - that course. This enables comments and discussions being shared and the further development of the module towards addressing the needs of as many as possible of our learners. For this to work as a growing learning resource, you will need to have access to the courses forever - or at least for as long as The Learning Collective exists. Any course you have purchased will remain in your portfolio and you will have acces to any and all of the later updates to the material.

  • How often will you add more courses?

    We will grow the list of courses with at least one course per month. As we grow the list of contributors this will speed up the process of growing the list of offerings too. If you are on our mailing list, you will be notified each time we add a course.

  • How do I claim post-graduate learning credits from the courses I have done?

    Each course has an optional quiz, which becomes available when you have gone through all of its chapters. You will be able to download a certificate, which meets the criteria for post-graduate self-directed learning.